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[OF'LAIN] Black

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Did you know that even when your smartphone is in flight mode or turned off, it still transmits data?
It does that 24/7 and wherever you are. That is the reason we developed [OF’LAIN].

We want to enable you to decide when and where to go online. Maybe you’re going for a walk and don’t want your position to be transmitted constantly. Or you need to focus during work and don’t want to be interrupted.

When your smartphone is inside the pouch nothing goes in or out. There are no incoming calls, no WiFi connectivity and no positioning services whatsoever. Furthermore, your credit card can not be read due to the dedicated RFID secure compartment.

Just place your items inside [OF’LAIN] and seal it with the straps. Everything else is then taken care of by the sophisticated material.


  • Rope length ca. 160 cm

  • Case in open position: 10,5cm x 25cm x 3,5 cm
    Case in closed position: 10,5cm x 18cm x 3,5 cm

Turnover tax is not levied, as small entrepreneur in accordance with German tax law § 19 UStG Paragraph 1.